Roadmap update Q2

S Support Articles / Roadmap Last updated on Updated  Jun 11, 2021

We have been extremely busy behind the scenes working on new features and developments to help our customers achieve leads and sales from their video views. Here is an overview of recent releases:

1. New settings tab 

Allows for power users to set up new sub accounts, integrate with their other marketing providers and fully customise the widget and email template. Learn more here

2. Full Widget Language Customisation

Now customers can change all the widget copy to support their local language or campaign style. Here is the guide to instruct you how to make a new language template for your campaign 

3. Improved Campaign Set Up 

We have improved the general design and order making it easier than ever to set up campaigns with Vieworks. This also see some great new features including:

- White label option, email template address masked from your domain, chose how user connects, referrals on or off. 

More information and instructions can be found here

4. Perk Marketplace 

In February we launched the perk marketplace to order perks and rewards for your campaigns. We have since seen over 3,000 global partners come on and offer their codes via our marketplace. Learn more about this here

What we have not completed

CNAME & SMTP - After a lot of R&D we were unsuccessful in releasing this as expected. However we found an improved solution for email sender to be sent from the client. We have redesigned a new roadmap for the coming months which will implement this. 

Whats coming next Quarter 

1. Email Template Customisation

2. API Gateway 

3. CNAME Integration

4. Framework Upgrade to GO for faster performance

5. Vieworks native player and hosting

6. Video sequencing 

7. Referral Analytics

8. Leaderboard widget for referrals 

9. Direct integrations to popular email providers 

10. Delete 

11. New templates and on page widgets