Promoting Videos Using Vieworks

S Support Articles / Using the Platform Last updated on Updated  Aug 17, 2020

Now you have set up your campaigns, you need to get some potential customers to view your videos and sign up. there are multiple methods to do this.

1. Homepage Embed

The first step is to embed your video onto your homepage where it is nice and clear. You can also integrate it to play full screen from an action using the overlay code.

Now all those users landing on your homepage are extra motivated to watch all your video and claim the perk, where you can

All your standard traffic building methods such as SEO, Linkbacks, promotions, and media can drive traffic to your site.

If you don't want to embed it on your homepage, it is possible to do all this using a landing page which is campaign specific. You will then drive traffic to this landing page.

2. Direct Links

From the branded URL generated, you can send users directly to the URL via multiple methods including :

Social - Use Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter to post the URL. The metadata will pull into the page and show users they can watch the video and claim a perk. You can promote the post too to build awareness.

Paid - Traffic the campaign using any display ad campaign. Place the generated URL into the ad server as the call to action. Make relevant banners and creatives to promote the link.

QR Codes - If you have a conference or event or shop, you can turn the URL into a QR code and display this with a message "scan me and watch for X reward".

Community - Share the URL's across your community and network

Media Partners - Provide the embed code to any media partners you have to help push out your message.

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