Player Rewarding Rules

S Support Articles / Using the Platform Last updated on Updated  Jan 28, 2021

To assure your audiences are rewarded and to prevent cheating, the Vieworks system is based on principle rules which will show unavailable. It will look like this on Desktop and Mobile:



When unavailable, users can watch the video with no issues, but they cannot claim the perk. No data will also be collected. 

Set up reasons your campaign will show unavailable :

1. Campaign dates - If your campaign date in the set up has expired, it will show unavailable. 

2. Country targeting - If you have set the campaign to exclude or include, then it will show unavailable.

3. Perk caps - If you have set a cap to your rewards, or added a unique list of perks which has expired, then this will display as unavailable. 

4. Plan limit reached - If your Vieworks plan expires, exceeds impression counts or your subscription payment is not accepted it will show unavailable. 

On the user side, there are checks the system makes, to prevent users 'gaming' the rewards and misusing the claims. 

1. Previously claimed - If you have watched the video and claimed, you will not be able to claim twice. This is captured. This checks a number of methods and prevents the same user claiming twice.