Advanced Features of Vieworks platform

S Support Articles / Using the Platform Last updated on Updated  Nov 12, 2021

Once you have completed the standard set up fields, you have some advanced options to help maximise the performance of your campaigns.

There are 4 sub categories to unpack clicking the button:


1.Widget display settings                                                                                                                                           

Vieworks platform users can now customize widget to the user's brand and campaign. There are 4 sub sections to work through.

* Referrals & Sharing

We made it easier for you to share videos with your audiences. Users can share the video and track the referrers simply by toggling the "Referrals and Sharing button" while creating your campaign. These unique links generated are tracked on a personal level and shared. 


* Unlock percentage (%)

Users can choose the length of the video that their audiences should watch before being eligible for the reward. This feature determines when the counter unlocks and user can claim the reward. Enter the number of your desired percentage. (See SS below)


* Connect Options

This feature will allow the users to choose the way they want to connect and claim their reward. Users can choose from several options that are available on the Vieworks platform. To activate this feature, simply toggle the blue button of your desired connect option. At least one must be selected. 


* Video Autoplay

This feature enables you to decide weather you would like to have your video play automatically. To use this feature, simply toggle the video autoplay blue button. It is great if you are linking from an ad, social media post. 


* White Label - Privacy policy

This feature enables you to fully customize the videos for your audiences. To use this feature, simply enter the link of your company's privacy policy link which replaces "Powered by Vieworks".


* Language Template

We understand that some users would love to customize their videos with a different language so we have added this feature that will give you selection of other languages that you can use. Click on the dropdown arrow and choose the one that fits your business. To learn how to create a language click here how to create a template within the settings section. 


2. Additional feature settings                                                                                                                                               Add additional flows to your reward campaigns to increase engagement, capture data or build community tasks. 

* Additional data fields

This feature enables users to gather more information from the audiences above name and email address. This could be specific questions about the video or customer requirements. Or additional data such as Job Title. Simply toggle the Additional data fields blue button and enter the data capture field you wish to have, it will then be shown and validated as mandatory. 


* Add an Interactive Quiz

Another cool feature we offer to users is the adding of an interactive quiz. This can test and confirm the attention of your audiences and only those who provided the correct answer will get a reward. To enable this feature, Toggle the blue button and add the multiple choice question on the field then provide one correct answer and 2 incorrect.  You could add a Yes / No question here too and leave the third field blank. Note if they get it wrong they need to re watch the video to claim. 


* Additional tasks

This feature enables you to set further tasks your users need to complete to unlock the reward. You can add up to 4 tasks. To use this feature, simply toggle the additional task blue button and follow the instructions below. (See SS for more detailed explanation.)

- Enter the desired task. (Follow us on twitter, Join our discord community or like our FB page)

- Enter the URL to complete task

- Upload the icon for your task - such as a Facebook logo for a Like us on Facebook post. 


3. Automated perk and email settings                                                                                                                             Users can change the email settings and perks limitations. This feature enables users to ensure that perks provided will always be based on plan and budget.

* Set Reward Cap

To add the perks limitation, simply toggle the blue button and enter the total number of cap you wish to have.


* Turn on/off system emails

To disable the automated email sending reward info to your users, toggle the blue button.

You can change the customised email in the email personalisation settings and create a new template to apply here. 

Emails are sent from, here you can set your own company email which it comes from. 


4. Tracking and Reporting Settings

* Country Availability                                                                                                                                                                         You may optionally either include or exclude countries to access rewards


* Pixel tracking code                                                                                                                                                                         If you want to use a third party pixel tracking system to measure your video completes, place your pixel URL tracker here.


* Campaign label                                                                                                                                                                      Label user data for your CRM reference. You can add labels to know where the leads come from if pushed directly into your CRM. Such as 'Facebook campaign"


* Scheduled reports emailed to you and your teams inbox                                                                                                 To use this feature, simply toggle the blue button and input the necessary information below. 

- Analytics reporting - Optionally configure automated reports on campaign performance. These are campaign analytics. 

- User data reporting - Configure automated reports of user data captured (usage must comply with your T&Cs). These are campaign user data information. 

Note you can only schedule users who are signed up to the platform.