What is a Video Perk?

S Support Articles / Video Perks Last updated on Updated  May 05, 2020

What is a perk?

A perk is a thank you from the brand directly to the viewer for their attention. This value exchange grabs the initial attention of the customer and encourages them to engage to learn more. 

Perks are different to incentivised(rewarded video), as the user is not forced to watch to get something. Also, the gifting of the perk is between the advertiser(not only publisher) and the customer, forming a relationship. Additionally, Vieworks runs across all digital destinations unlike rewarded video which traditionally runs on mobile games. Read more about the differences between rewarded video and value exchange advertising here.

Perks can be relevant to the brand and the consumer, keeping the brand in control of the promo. 

Clear value exchange between user and brand. Attention, data and trust for reward. 

Perks drive awareness. Attention increases education and brand. Data captured increases sales performance and conversions. 

Choose from many selected perk partners via Vieworks or manage your own perks based around promotions or offers you are running. 

Video Perk examples

  1. Watch this video, Starbucks will give you a free coffee on them
  2. Watch the video, (insert company name) will plant a tree (or any other charitable donation) 
  3. Watch the video, Google will gift you $300 Marketing Cloud credits
  4. Watch the video and receive a free Audible audiobook
  5. Watch this video and Virgin will give you 2-week gym pass 
  6. Watch the video and win a chance to meet David Beckham with AIA
  7. Watch the video and win 4 tickets to the FA cup final
  8. Watch the video and win 2 return flights to Singapore with Qantas


Consumers are demanding video and "value exchange" interactions

Value exchange strategies and video marketing are the two fastest-growing marketing trends as we see consumer behaviour continue to evolve. 

  • 68% of customers want to learn about new products and services through a short video (Hubspot
  • 70% of consumers prefer watching marketing content that offers a reward (Kleiner Perkins

Value exchange lies within the core customer experience. Marketers should look for experiences that are rewarding for users. This will have a direct impact on the media performance of brands. 

The Value Exchange

This is taking part directly between the brand and the user. A user is open and willing to give their attention and data in return for the perk from the Company. This beats pushing videos into the users face, which only results in them skipping after 5 seconds or installing ad blockers. 

Awareness - With value exchange offered, the target audience are more likely to trigger engagement and watch the video

Education and Brand - Viewer learns about the products and services and this builds brand affinity and connecting the user to the brand. 

Performance - The power of video combined with the opt in data, the results mean improved media metrics and lower CPL's. 


IAB Value Exchange Study

In 2018 the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) commissioned a large study measuring the success of value exchange video within advertising and in mobile and social gaming. 

The results showed the positive impact the value exchange left on the consumer. This increased media performances vs. non value exchange but more importantly increased the intent to purchase scores and brand affinity scores by over 40%. 

You can download the findings of the report here.