Vieworks Roadmap - Q1 2021

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Platform plans for Q1

In November and December, we pushed out the biggest update in our history and added a ton of features and improvements to the platform. 

We have a very exciting Q1 ahead. 

1. CNAME - Options to run player on your domain. This will allow further customization to convert Vieworks URLs to run on your own domains via editing the DNS. 

2. Player Integration - Input video links from popular video platforms including Facebook, Zoom, Twitch, Streamable and Vidyard. 

3. Google Certification - Google certification to run across Google's ad networks ad a rich media ad format. This will allow video to play and rewards to be distributed directly across thousands of websites bought through Google Display Network. 

4. Video Sequencing - This will give users the ability to sequence videos through funnels, allowing users to select a series of videos to keep watching to unlock more stars. The more stars they unlock the better the perks.

5. JS Tag Implementation - We have had customers wanting to leverage our advertising opportunities. We will add a new publishing option to generate JS tags to run as rich media display across ad networks. 

6. Additional customization - Change widget fonts and widget designs to suit your brand.

7. Perk Marketplace automation and expansion to over 8,000 international perk partners. 

8. Vieworks Player Deployment - Upload your video library direct to Vieworks Platform and access some additional playback features. 

Stay tuned for further announcements.