Using Vieworks REST API's

S Support Articles / CRM integrations Last updated on Updated  Dec 14, 2020

Vieworks Customer Portal API Integration


Seamless setup for sales teams and agents to be able to generate Vieworks video links from a portal using the Vieworks REST API and also access leads and stats.

Initial campaign set up

  1. The customer sets up a Vieworks account via the platform.
  2. Set up a campaign (multiple campaigns based on objective)

Link generation Endpoints for Agents in the portal

Using the Vieworks REST API you can allow users to register unique URL’s from the campaign from the customer environment. 

Call to get an API key. Required input fields include:

  • Agent first name
  • Agent last name
  • Agent Email
  • Campaign name/ID. (dropdown option in the portal based on campaigns created) 

Call rest API to pull a unique rewarded video URL for an agent to share. 

3. Data Reporting REST API

  • Required field 
  • Agent email
  • Campaign ID

Call Reporting API to pull the following data from leads:

  • User name
  • User Email 
  • IP address
  • Custom data 1
  • Custom data 2 
  • Custom data 3
  • Country 
  • Agent email
  • CRM label
  • Source
  • Stats

Output format is .TSV. JSON or .CSV could be available if requested.

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