PitchGround: How do I redeem Vieworks coupon codes?

S Support Articles / PitchGround Last updated on Updated  Jun 18, 2020

Redemption steps for PitchGround users redeeming Vieworks coupon codes

Step 1 - Register your Vieworks account and verify your email - https://app.videoperks.io/user/login/register

Step 2 - Set up your account navigating to ‘Company and Billing’ on the left panel and fill in your Company details. 

Step 3 - In Company and billing click upgrade plan on the bottom right and paste in your unique Coupon Code and click redeem code. 

Step 4 - You should see a success notification in top right corner and you will now see your new plan details above. 

Step 5 - that’s it. You are good to start creating campaigns and generating new leads.