Manage users

S Support Articles / Using the Platform Last updated on Updated  Jul 21, 2020

Once you have an account, you can invite your team to join. Below is an image of what it looks like from a client's account when you click on "manage users".

This includes the ability to change and award specific permissions to your "team members" on certain brand groups they may access.


To clarify there are two levels:

Client - The client is able to assign different permissions to their team members, and the ability to invite and add members to the platform as well. 

Team member - Access to specific brand group they have been assigned to and only stats, no data. 

1. In the menu, navigate to manage users. 

2. Click create new user tab

3. Fill in the user details. 

4. Chose which brand groups they can access (image below on permissions)

5. Set a password and save.


Once you have saved this, shortly after, the user you have added will receive an email to confirm their account as seen below: 


It is time to create your first brand group. 

Note, you can always come back to edit your manage users settings to re-assign brand group access to certain users.