Gift Cards, Coupons and Digital Codes

S Support Articles / Video Perks Last updated on Updated  May 04, 2020

A popular way to reward your audience with perks is by using digital gift cards and codes. Vieworks has partnerships in place to automatically supply users their perk from over 1000 well-known outlets worldwide. 

Or if you are using your own coupons and codes, whether it be singular (one code for all) or multiple unique codes, Vieworks can enable this to be carefully distributed to the user. 

Inserting a Coupon

When setting up your campaign, select coupon or link and in the next field, insert the coupon code or URL. If more than one, separate each code with a new line. The number of codes you provide will determine the number of claimable perks. 


Learn more about the Vieworks giftcard partners here.