Charity (e.g. Plant a Tree) for watching Perks

S Support Articles / Video Perks Last updated on Updated  Apr 30, 2020

An innovative video perk you can offer your customers is a charitable act in exchange for their attention. For instance, planting a tree!

This can be a great way to appeal to the hearts and minds of every audience while simultaneously helping the planet.  Vieworks has partnered with One Tree Planted and has made it as easy as ever for our customers to reward perks to their consumers which equate to a tree being planted for each successful view and claim.

Now your brand can combine a CSR strategy into achieving marketing outcomes. Here is an example message for Vieworks:

"Watch our latest video and we will plant a tree. Learn about our products and services while also helping the planet"

It costs $1 to plant a new tree. You select the cap number of perks in the Vieworks platform and set your copy. Once the campaign is completed, you will receive an invoice for the number of leads you generated and the number of trees planted. We will send you a receipt of your donation which you can share amongst your users. Easy.


More information on One Tree Planted can be downloaded here