About Vieworks

S Support Articles / About us Last updated on Updated  Apr 28, 2020

Vieworks is a technology solution that helps marketers turn their brand's videos into a vehicle for increased leads, sales conversions, and customer loyalty through the power of perks.

Born from a desire to make video work harder for marketers, Vieworks sits between an organisation’s current paid, owned and earned video marketing mix and its CRM suite to increase video views and generate meaningful a dialogue between the brand and its customers. With companies across the globe continuing to increase video’s share of their marketing mix, we identified several urgent and crucial issues marketers face right now. 

Firstly, while it’s never been easier to create and distribute branded video content to an audience, it’s never been harder for content to cut through. Marketers across the globe acknowledge that the level of competition and noise has increased and, as of now, there’s no clear solution to the problem except to out-spend or out-place the competition.

Additionally, while the world’s largest social media and video platforms draw millions of users a day to their sites to consume content, what do the brands utilising these platforms as an advertising vehicle get out of their investment?

The answer is, surprisingly, very little. Viewers can skip a video in as little as three to five seconds, and brands may pay for placement of their video’s entire length despite very few viewers watching the brand’s video to completion. Moreover, these proprietary platforms remain reticent to connect the performance of advertiser-led video content to the most important metric of any business – sales. This gap in accountability means brands continue to receive only nominal additional value in exchange for their increased spending.

Vieworks brings accountability to video through the power of perks that the brand controls, guaranteeing videos are viewed to completion, and funnelling viewer volunteered data into an organisation’s existing customer relations flow.

Consumers have never been more aware of the power they have when interacting with advertisers, demanding more from brands in exchange for their attention, personal information and, ultimately, their money. Ultimately, Vieworks assists marketers in providing authentic and relevant value to consumers in exchange for their time with a brand’s content.

Our software solution reflects the qualities marketers have told us they need from a reliable marketing technology solution: ease of use, flexibility, and accountability.


Ease of Use

Uniquely, Vieworks’ software solution does not require any video upload. We recognized that the majority of brands house their video content on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. With Vieworks, marketing teams can set up a campaign in as little as five minutes simply by adding the YouTube or Vimeo embed URL of their chosen branded video and selecting their campaign’s goals, perks, and branded creative elements. 


Importantly, Vieworks’s self-serve platform gives marketers full control of the parameters of their campaigns, providing unbridled flexibility. 

Unlike opt-in video advertising formats common across mobile gaming and apps, marketers retain control of where their video content appears, the video’s supporting messages, what perks they wish to offer viewers, and the data they secure for viewers to claim their perk.


Vieworks delivers ultimate accountability for video marketers in two crucial ways. Firstly, for viewers to claim their perk they must watch the video to completion, resulting in a 100% share of voice moment for the advertiser. 

Secondly, to complete the transfer of their perk, viewers choose (opt-in) to share their data with the brand, whether it’s their name and email address, or more holistic data from sources such as a viewer’s Facebook or Google account. Vieworks’ seamless integration with the world’s most widely used CRM solutions ensures viewer data is captured in the right way and immediately useable to drive new sales.