Why choose Vieworks?

S Support Articles / FAQ Last updated on Updated  May 04, 2020

Vieworks helps marketers turn their video content into a powerful sales enablement tool to build awareness, education, lead generation, and conversions. By tapping into the growing trend of value exchange marketing, the Vieworks platform enables brands to set up perks to reward relevant target audiences for engaging with marketing video content and sharing data directly back to the brand. 

Why is Vieworks Important?

Video is the most powerful vehicle for selling products and services. Yet according to the IAB, $1.2b is wasted a year on serving video marketing that audiences do not complete or where no data is collected. 90% of marketers agree it is hard getting their video content seen.

With increasing CPM’s and CPL’s, falling attention spans and an overwhelming level of competition from offers and content, it is an upward battle for marketers to cut through. Consumers today are demanding value exchange interactions. 68% of users want to learn about new products and services through short videos.

70% of consumers prefer watching marketing content that offers a reward. Value exchange strategies are amongst the fastest growing marketing trends as consumer behaviour evolves.

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