Vieworks Roadmap H2 2020

S Support Articles / FAQ Last updated on Updated  May 14, 2020

Zapier integration -  24th May 20

Connect Vieworks viewer date directly to over 2000 marketing automation services

Platform v.2 release - 29th May 20

Player improvements, bug fixes, design updates

Interactive Quiz End Card Module - 7th June 20 

Additional modules to quiz users on the video. Multiple-choice options with answer validation. 

Download images + Enhanced metadata - 14th June 20 

Ability to use video perk images in campaigns and having it pulled through in the metadata

Launch Video.JS Player option - 5th June

Use your own video CDN and link it to the Vieworks Player for more enhanced features. 

Unique Coupon Delivery 21st June 20

Add multiple unique coupon codes or reward links to be deployed to your audience. 

Enhanced Publishing Tools - 28th June 20

Ability to add options to the embed code and URLs including Autoplay/click to play, referrals on/off, include social share icons, post-click action on/off, QR code, include/exclude logo, share via email. 

Additional Ad formats - Q2

release 300x250 ad format addition, Outstream video addition, and instream video addition. 

Perks Marketplace - July 2020

Customers can easily tap into pre-selected partners to easily distribute perks. Includes partnerships with mobile phone carriers, charities, e-gift cards and many more.