Perk definition for freeform

S Support Articles / Platform "campaign set-up" guide Last updated on Updated  Jul 21, 2020

When viewers have completed their perk claim process, in addition to the success message within the player. A few minutes later they will also be sent a system generated follow up email, which reminds them of their Video Perk.

Whether the Video Perk is a coupon code, competition draw date, unique URL link or freeform instructions, the System generated email will only be sent once.

For the freeform perk definition, simply fill in the specific instructions that you want to give your user, whether it is to download an app, or go to your website and perform a specific action. Fill this into your perk definition box.

*Please note that you only need to input the instructions here, the System generated email will already know how to address them, thank them for watching the video and offer instructions on the support email to contact.