Introducing Vieworks

S Support Articles / About us Last updated on Updated  Apr 30, 2020

Vieworks is a platform created to deliver video content in a format that rewards your audience with a ‘perk’ for their attention, trust and data. Vieworks transforms your marketing videos into a powerful sales tool through using a value exchange.

We are a small team of experts based in London and Singapore, dedicated to improving video performance and helping businesses grow faster.


Vieworks brings video marketing to life by rewarding users for their attention. This is through the concept of 'video perks'. Users are notified from within the video player that they can earn a reward or 'video perk' for watching the video.

Therefore this creates a mutually beneficial relationship between the brand and the viewer through a value exchange.

The platform can run across websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram while enabling a connection with the user. This opt-in data now available opens future re-marketing opportunities to maximise future sales.

Brands are using Vieworks to improve sales by engaging with their existing audience. Moreover, the platform is effective at reaching new potential customers and generating leads.

Vieworks makes it easy to publish a branded video campaign and run regular promos such as giveaways, competitions, charity donations etc that encourage video views and engagement. Vieworks integrates into Vimeo’s video platform.

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